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Since 2000, the sports betting has seen a dramatic change. Though some aspects have remained the same, thanks to the Internet some of them have evolved to a different level. The fact that the internet can be used for a gambling is in itself is a huge change. The gambling industry has seen an exponential rise in the last couple of decades because of the evolution of the World Wide Web.

Now, the websites have improved, the user experience has gone up multifold, and the gambling has become absolutely seamless compared to the pre-internet era. Amongst all these developments, one which clearly stands out is the fact that now players can wager during the live games. The Live/In-Play betting has changed the way people used to wager on sports in the pre-internet era. Initially, in the sports betting, people had no option but to wager before the game had started, but now, they can place their bets after the game has started.

It has helped to provide a completely different range of wagering opportunities. This form of betting (Live/In-Play) allows the bettors to have an edge over the bookmakers along with added adrenaline rush. The sports enthusiasts who loves to bet on their favorite teams are surely going to like this form of wagering. This form of betting provides an additional dimension to the sports betting and you will love it whether your aim is to make money or just have fun. The fact that it allows you to bet on your prediction about what’s going to happen in the next half in itself is exciting.

The article is developed to provide the information regarding the basics of In-Play/Live betting, how it works, and why some people prefers it over other forms of betting.

What is Live/In-Play betting?

If you have read the introduction to this article, then you would have got the answer to the above question. In simple words, Live/In-Play betting is a form of sports betting which allows you to wager while the games are being played. To bet, all you need to do is to select the market and range of wagers according to your assessment of the game and what will happen next. It is same as fixed odds betting except that it can be made during the games and if your selection turns out to be correct you will be paid otherwise you will lose. Simple, isn’t it?

There are two major differences compared to others: the odds changes continuously and there are multiple options to wager.

Additional Wagering opportunities: The traditional betting allows you to place bets on a first event only. For instance, in a hockey game, you can place a bet for who will score the first goal, and once the goal is scored the odds are settled.

The Live/In-Play betting takes it to the next level, wherein, you can place bets for who will score the next goal. The odds are settled as soon as the second goal is scored and the odds are opened for the next goal. The same loop continues until the end of the game.

If you are a football enthusiast and loves to bet, then there are several more opportunities to bet compared to the traditional betting. Some of them have been listed hereunder:

  • Next team to score
  • Time of Next goal
  • Time of Next booking
  • Next players to get booked
  • Team to win next corner

This is not a complete list as bookmakers keep coming up with new ways to open up odds and provide several options for the bettors. It also provides several markets to wager and each game has separate wagering opportunities. In a nutshell, this type of betting has opened up numerous wagering opportunities to the bettors.

We would further like to add that in this kind of betting the usual pre-event betting options are also available with changing odds. For example, in a cricket match, odds for who will win the game is also available but the odds will keep changing with the game progression.

Changing Odds:In a traditional setting, the odds changes as the event is about to start. Most of the times due to some important changes. For instance, let’s say that there is a cricket match between the England and the Australia. A couple of days before, the odds will open up something like this if the Australian team is favorite:

Australia & England Match
Australia England
1.3 3.2


On the day of the event, in the morning, the news breaks out that their lead bowlers Mitchell Starc& Josh Hazelwood – leading wicket-takers, will not be able to play. This will change their winning chances and hence the odds might change to something like this:

Australia & England Match
Australia England
2.3 2.6


This clearly shows that the Australians are still the favorite to win but the margins between two teams have changed dramatically. The news had changed the bookmaker’s perception and hence have changed the bets.

The odds-maker also adjusts the odds according to the money flow in a particular odd. They reduce the odds if the money flow is very high and raise if the money flow is constrained, however, the movement will be miniscule in nature. They won’t change as dramatically as it would have after the news.

In this case couple of dropouts have changed the odds dramatically. This was basically a pre-event news which has changed the odds, now think, how much action will happen during the game? A lot isn’t it. Hence, the odds will keep changing with the game progression. The constantly changing odds in the Live/In-Play betting makes it more exciting and provides an added advantage to the bettors.

Which games are included in Live/In-Play betting?

In the initial years of the sports betting, only handful of popular games were available, however, these days, betting sites provide a whole host of games and events for betting. Currently, the available options are numerous and are increasing day by day.

Following are some of the most popular Live/In-Play betting sports:

  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Ice Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Horse Racing
  • Golf

In each of the sport, there are a wide variety of games available. For example, in a soccer game, not only European League or other major events are available, betting sites also provide odds for a school game too. For each of the sports, all the major tournaments, each game of the tournament, and other lesser known games are also available for betting. We can firmly say that Live/In-Play sports betting provides limitless opportunities to bettors & sports enthusiasts. Some bookmakers also offer odds for lesser-known sports like motor racing, martial arts, snooker, boxing, rugby, and more.

Why some people prefer Live/In-Play betting?

As discusses, the two major advantages of the Live/In-Play betting is that it provides opportunities to bet on a variety of sports and additional wagers. This allows you to find a value while betting.

Further, the continuously changing odds provides an edge. As we have mentioned the bookmakers are very skilled in making odds, however, in Live/In-Play betting, they also need to evaluate the situation and make adjustments in no time. This definitely makes them vulnerable and provides an edge to the bettors. Also, the adjustments are made by the bookmakers are based on their own assessment of the game and they can’t be right all the time. This provides a window of opportunity for us to make the right assessment once in a while. For this, we must have a comprehensive knowledge about the teams and the players.

Also, the Live/In-Play betting allow us to hedge our own traditional bets. We can use various hedging strategies to cut our losses when the game doesn’t move as expected. We can also use to lock our profits when things move as expected.

These are some of the key aspects due to which bettors prefer to bet on Live/In-Play. Bettors believe that this betting type provides more options to beat the bookmaker every once in a while as the bookmaker also needs to make adjustments in quick succession with game progression.


Key aspects to keep in mind to improve the Bankroll

As discussed, the Live/In-Play sports betting has changed the way punters used to bet on the sporting event. It provides enormous opportunities for punters to bet based on their analysis of the game. This adds adrenaline rush along with the opportunity of winning.

The Live/In-Play betting dynamics are completely different from the traditional betting. Here are some of the key aspects which you should remember and implement to improve your winning chances.

Knowledge rules:

In the Live/In-Play sports betting things move at much faster pace, and hence it requires you to analyze so many factors in a limited time. Because of this, it favors the bettors with the complete grasp of the game. So we recommend you should do your research on the game way before the game starts. It has been observed that the successful bettors put their bets on the game which know the best. So keep yourself up-to-date about the upcoming game or event before placing your bets. You also need to understand various probable events and their impact on the outcome as it will allow having an edge over others.

Stay Awake:

Unlike the old-fashioned betting wherein once the bet has been wagered you had no option but to wait until the game ends, in Live/In-Play things move constantly and hence you need to devote sufficient time to improve the chances. You need to remain focused on the game and game only while the match is underway or else there will be an increased chance that you might end up at the losing end.


It is always important to understand your own losing power and how much you are betting. If you do not have control over your urges than the chances of making classic mistakes increases multifold. You should use money management and risk management theories to control your betting urges. Also, never allocate more than 2% to 3% of available bankroll on a single bet. It will help in a long run and will not allow you to go dry on bankroll in a single bet. The disciplined approach to the betting will also ensure that you bet responsibly and restrict yourself on betting more than your preparedness to lose.


With live betting, the odds keep changing constantly and hence it is of utmost importance to have thorough knowledge about the sports you are betting. Also, you must make sure that you are in the game throughout the event and have disciplined approach to betting. The above factors if not followed rigorously will dry your bankroll completely.

Happy and Safe Live/In-Play betting!